What is Haematuria

is the presence of red blood cells in the urine. Visible hematuria, also known as gross hematuria, is easily identified, as it causes red or brown discoloration of the urine. Microscopic hematuria is invisible to the naked eye and is often found by urinalysis or urine dipstick. Any part of the kidneys or urinary tract (uretersurinary bladderprostate, and urethra) can leak blood into the urine. The causes of hematuria are broad, ranging from urinary tract infection to kidney stones to bladder cancer

What you need to do in this case

Contact us OR text your NAME and DOB to 0899556821 OR email to info@longfordurology.com 

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Management of the case and what to expect

You will be offerd an immediate appointment with Dr Hallage at one of our nearest centre to your residence

After your details being recorded.  

A full detailed medical examination 

A blood sample will be taken for lab

Urine sample will be tested

An Ultrasound scane will be performed  

The result will be discussed with Dr Hallage to arrange the management 



You may need further more sophesticated  investigation in the hospital which we will arrange for you on fast track 

When the result is ready you be contacted to discuss the results and treatment option